Friday, August 28, 2009

Kanektok River Fishing

The following are a few shots from the week. I didn't take very many this week, but there were a few highlights. One included having a film crew on the river shooting a couple of shows.
A crew from InterMedia Outdoors/Barrett Productions came to shoot two TV shows that will show on the Sportsman Channel in the second quarter of 2010.

Breaking the Surface showcases the angling exploits of two of the finest female anglers on the planet, each of them highly skilled in quite different fishing disciplines. Gear fishing techniques rest in the very capable hands of Kim Bain-Moore—the first woman to ever compete in the Bassmaster Classic—while long-rod expert Diana Rudolph (of Simms/Andros South video fame) handles the tools of the fly-fishing trade. Along the way, these versatile women pursue just about anything that swims in cold, warm and salt water. This week they're after the Kanektok's silvers and rainbows.

Trout Unlimited: On the Rise is the next generation of TU television. Hosted by Colorado guide and increasingly notorious fly fishing media personality Frank Smethurst, OTR is one man’s road journey in search of the most compelling coldwater fisheries in the country, along with the people who fight to protect them. Join Frank and an arsenal of fly rods on an insider’s tour of American trout country.

I had the pleasure of guiding Diana Rudolph for the cameras. We had an exceptional time chasing dolly's and trout. We fished for rainbows in one of the channels and got sever nice rainbows to perform for the camera. Diana is an absolute stick, she railed fish.

Kevin with a hogleg silver


Yes, first of its kind... a picture of a sunset. Still sweet though

Yup, one more

Wait for it,... yes that is a sunrise

Triple Silver

Gordon Hynes, Matt (Film Crew) and Matt Hynes

Lower River Bow


Steelie Mike said...

FCB, that last pic looks like Mikey Ellis.

bobby savoy said...

i can neither confirm nor deny that statement, senator.

bobby savoy said...

i can neither confirm nor deny that statement, senator.