Saturday, October 4, 2008

Feather River Chrome

For the first week of October, I was very happy with how the Feather fished. There were decent numbers of salmon cutting redds in the low flow. There were quite a few people out as well making for a tougher time getting water to fish. We did find some nice fish posted up behind kings. One of our fist casts found a supercharged, white steelhead that ripped 20 yards of backing in seconds. Lots of cartwheels, lots of chaos... We had the fish inches from the boat when 2x gave way, she was 26+ inches and flawless. We found a several half-pounders and missed a few fierce grabs. The weather was spectacular, it was overcast in the AM then rained all afternoon.
Finally, some decent fishing weather

I expect fishing to really kick off after these rains. I have a few dates that recently became available. October 8, 12, 28 and 31. These are all prime dates to fish the Yuba, Feather and Lower Sac. Contact me for more information.

Tomorrow, Yuba

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Yuba, Game on!

The Yuba showed us her good side today. Out of the gates and on our first cast we hooked a screamer on an egg pattern. From there it was like we could do no wrong. We hooked several fish over 18 inches, one powerful 23" hatchery steelhead and several dinks. I was very pleased with the overall size and quantity today yielded. One of the "sweeteest" things about today the the sound of a Hardy Perfect ringing the dinner bell. The fish we hooked today make that reel sing so that people in other counties could hear it.

Flies: egg patterns, bird's nest, FBPT
Style: split shot and nymphs under a Krusteez Indicator
Nothing like a bent rod in the morning
Yuba fish are fat

We saw good numbers of salmon in the upper river, many of them have staged and are cutting redds. We spotted a fair number hanging out in deep pools as well, this could be a good year for spawners on the Y.
rocket-pack anyone?
Nice spots
mean fighter
all of 19
fin clipped, check out that fat tail
Life is good!

Well, today was today, tomorrow is the Feather, I have a good feeling about it!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Putah Creek

Putah was tough for us today. My clients fished hard, covering some of the best water on the creek. We managed a few dinks and had a few solid takes, but not exactly red hot. Crowds were decent in the morning with plenty of bait dunkers drowning pink power paint. The crawlers hawlers did a number on the fish today, should have brought the Zebco. I am anxious for the bigger fish to migrate! Flows are good, 300 or so, the water looks good. No pictures from today yet, clients Gordon and Sarah may send me some later. Here is something to look at in the mean time. I am on the Yuba tomorrow.

Steelhead are on the way

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Fall Craze...

It was dark at 7 pm, the evening air was colder, a few leaves have fallen... this could only mean one thing... BANNER fishing is around the corner! My fall guiding season kicks off tomorrow with a day on Putah Creek. Flows are in good shape and the last time I fished it, I roped some fatties. From there I will be on the Feather ,Lower Sac and Yuba. I am guiding almost every day October 1 through December. Check for current reports...

There is only way to describe the fishing in the fall in Northern California... ON FIRE!

Lower Sac McFatty

Monday, September 29, 2008

Backing Up... The Trip From the Beginning

I recently had the opportunity to travel to Mexico to fish for Largemouth Bass at Lake Mateos and Lake El Salsto. For me it was one of those experiences I will not soon forget and strive to have again. In summary, BASS are RAD! Additionally, I was in the presence of some top-notch fly fisherman that shared their decades of knowledge with me. Thanks to all for a great week with some fly fishing studs... the bass that is.

Bill Carnazzo, Ken Hanley, Kevin Doran, Ryan Miller and Keith Kaneko (taking the picture)

Fishing is hard work, sometimes you just need to relax.

Mexican bass are supercharged, make sure you are ready

Keith Kaneko with a stout 6 pounder!

There are so many great things about bass fishing. I would call it hunting and fishing in the same bag. As casters, we constantly look for tight spots to toss bugs into. We constantly push the limits of the rods, lines and "weedless" bugs to get the "OH DAMN, NICE SHOT" from you buddy, and then "WAAAHOOOO, DID YOU SEE THAT EAT?" Not to mention the sets are about as far from a trout set as possible, there are not too many things better than wrenching on a bucketmouth!

I lose track of everything while casting to razor-backs...

Give me a dime-sized target and I will be occupied for hours...

8 pounds of glory

More to come, BASS ARE RAD...

Lake El Salto - Final Day

5 AM wakeup calls are usually unwelcome and dreaded,…unless you are heading out to offer trophy fish your twisted creations! By the time breakfast was over everyone was fired up and ready to hit the water. The weather we perfect, dead calm, quiet and bassy. As the truck-drawn carrier takes us to our boats (50 yards from the lodge) it is clear that we all have a green glimmer in our eyes. The glimmer of hope that a green, razor-back bucketmouth, aka the “big girl,” will be fooled for one second. One second is all we need to get the BLOW-UP evoked from a puppeteered popper…
Top water BLOW-UP

The last day of fishing could not have been better. The lake was glassed over, sky’s scattered with clouds and huge bass busting tilapia EVERYWHERE. One of the most exciting features of fishing this lake is the abundance of baitfish (shad and tilapia) that are under constant harassment by bass. There were times when I could see a 100 yards of bass blowing up bait, it looked like small landmines detonating. Fishing was good for everyone that day, Ken and Keith encouraged kamikaze bass to blow-up on poppers. Ken and Bill were the stars of the show, hooking more than 50 bass and landing 35 hogs! The afternoon session treated me well with a beautiful 8 pounder.

Five anglers, five days, camaraderie and countless supercharged Mexican Bass makes for a memorable trip. Personally, I was captivated by this place and know I will be back soon. Anglers Inn at Lake Mateos and El Salto is a spectacular place to leave reality and enter bass insanity.
Let it out Ken...

Seriously, I will fish for coy in my neighbor's pond... all fish are great but BASS ARE RAD!

Thank you for reading and stay tuned...