Friday, January 9, 2009

American: BAM!

I guided the American today and was very satisfied... My clients and I got into quite a few nice fish today. Many of the fish came out of slower water and ate eggs and small nymphs.

I will be anxious to see how the crowds look tomorrow.

As clean as they come

Adapose attached!

Look at that face... all three of them

Overall the river was uncrowded with the exception of the the usual snaggers.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Casting Interrupted...

Yesterday on the American was spent with Mike Edgehouse and Jason Hartwick. We floated the upper river with an arsenal of rods and chrome in our eyes. Fish run, first cast, Mike sticks a hot, chrome jumper that was not landed... 3-4 pounds on a FBPT. We all swung a large run wherin Jason and I both got ripped on leech patterns (hook never bit in). Down river in another run Hartwick managed to stick a piggy while catoring (Jason is a great indicator fisherman :). Outside of that is was a quiet day.

This morning was like any other winter morning, quiet, foggy and fishy. It was only Edghouse and I as we swung our 13'7 spey rods with skagit lines, tips and goofy flies. We had gone through the run a few times with no tugs, as we got ready to go through it again we were more or less nudged out of our water by a few guys in a drift boat that must not have seen us...

On to our next spot... 6 casts, 13 minutes and FISH ON! I hooked a dandy, she jumped, she ran, she got her picture taken!

Rod:1307 Scott LS2
Line: Airflow compact skagit 510 with a T11 tip.
Fly: multicolored egg sucker.

When in doubt, fish.

Monday, January 5, 2009

American Steel

Overall the fishing on the American has been ok. I have been fishing the lower river with a few good friends on a regular basis and sporadically fooling a steelhead or two. With the exception of one day we have been sticking strong to swinging flies with spey rods. I would give you details of where fish have been hooked, however, there is very little consistency. There are no gimmie's out there, just cover water and and be methodical.

If you are looking to swing the A for winter chrome keep in mind that these fish are hauling tail through the river right now and you need to be on the move too. Fish various types of water to see if you can find any patterns. We have been fishing more of the slower tail-outs... Flies: make sure it has movement, pay attention to overall size, try big and small... Brighter colors have been catching more fish.

I did managed to stick a few nice fish under an indicator with egg patterns.

I will be guiding out there this week so keep your eyes peeled for fresh reports and hopefully a few pictures.