Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I have been on the American enough days to tell you that things are slow out there. I had a string of great clients, both a blast to be with and great anglers and fishing was just plain slow. With temperatures nearing 70 plus low and clear water the fish have the upper hand right now. The first part of the day yields the most activity. That could be because of where we are in the AM or just the time of day.

Last week I had the pleasure of guiding Gary and Jerry from the Midwest and let me tell you it was more fun than a clown on fire! Both anglers had fished in many parts of the globe for a variety of species, however, neither one had fished for steelhead. On the morning of our trip the energy level was high and channeled towards the great hunt from chrome. After launching, rigging and getting fired up we began with the deluge of nymph bombs into places where we thought the unsuspecting steelhead may be. After several passes through an area with no promising grabs we changed up. The next pass allows for our flies to be right on the "honey hole" or RRPH, WHAM, 'cator flies under with nothing to show for it. We got taken, oh well, we will get the next one! A few more passes and no love... onto the next spot.

Not too long into our next round of passes we hit a nice wild "quarter-pounder" (12" bullet), another few passes we found another one. These are the first QP's I have seen all season...

No other action in that run! We go a few more runs with nada, finally we come to some promising water. I set up the boat, give the "go" command and off the races we went, just as Gary flies dropped of a ledge, ... SLAM, we get hammered, within no time a 6-8 pound face emerges from the water. OH SHIT, game on! This must have been a buck, he thrashed for a minute, gave us a good look and just as Gary went to put on the lateral tension the moment was over. DAMN! Gary was ecstatic and bummed at same time. On average 20% of the metal hooked will be landed!

The "one that got away" was enough fuel for us to keep motivated the whole day. Every once in a while Jerry would bring up the moment and we would all mentally salivate. We would need that motivation to help us push through the day. We successfully watched indicators all the way to Gristmill with only a few goldens to show for it, no chrome landed.

So it goes, another great day of steelhead fishing.

Pictures to come soon

A big thanks to the Midwest slingers who provided great entertainment and an awesome day on the river.

February can be magical on the A, get out there and jump one!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Ahhh, ahhhhh.... ummmm, yeah...

(Lumberg style): I'm gonna need you to go ahead and book me a plane ticket to BC.

Best of both worlds

There is something so right about this, I just can't put my finger on it...