Wednesday, June 10, 2009


The first....
We got 'em, Jerry, Ed and I went out in search of chrome kings and were rewarded! This beast came on a 4 inch chartreuse and white fly and kicked ass. She was 39" long and weighed 28.5 pounds. These fish are eating flies less than 18" under the surface! Jerry had only 7 ft of T14, really does not get better than that!

I was able to hook one fish, definitely an adult, somewhere in the low 20# class.

These fish are very fast and very powerful. The grab on my hookup was very slow and subtle, it felt like I was ticking bottom or a log, I knew something was funny. I let it keep ticking, then finally my line just went tight and there it was, off to the races then off in the next breath. Hot Damn!

All in all a good day, 2 jacks on, 2 adults on...

More to come

Monday, June 8, 2009


A lot has happened since my last post. Camp is now setup and fully operational, the river is still high but very fishable. The kings have just started to poke their heads in the system. Many of us have been out on a regular basis in search of the chrome king,... any day now!

The weather is a mixed bag, some days nice with a few clouds and others gail force wet winds.

Many of us have been out fishing for trout and dolly's too with some success. I stuck my first bow the other night on a fat leech pattern. Trout on the swing is an awesome thing, I can't wait to feel a king on the swing!

It is very exciting to think that in the coming weeks thousands of chrome fish will be cruising right by camp, both sides too!

Camp life is cool, the crew is awesome, very fun group of experienced guides who are dedicated to making sure this place is in top running order and fish are on the line.

I am have a good feeling about the next few days, look for fish pictures soon!

until the next post...