Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Alaska West: Big Leagues

As I drove down river for the last time of the season I felt like I was being chased down river by the fast approaching onset of fall. Inside of a few weeks the Kanektok basin began to show fall colors. The leaves doing what they have done for eons. They showed their brilliance as proud as can be almost like a warning beacon for surrounding animals and nearby hunters and fisherman to get ready. While on the tiller, heading out I could still see silvers wadded up in corners and soft spots, trout resting at the head of snags, geese flying out and locals gearing up for winter. I will miss the Ktok and all that is offers. Kanektok means river of change, that is not the only thing that changes up there...

I will have a full season-end entry in the coming days.

Please see full photo gallery of AK 2009 on My Webiste

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