Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Spey Casting Class: Great Day

November 8th marked a great day for the art and science of spey casting. Adrian Psuty and myself played teacher to 9 awesome students. About half of the students had never done any spey casting and by the end of the day they were booming loops. The other anglers had experience and graciously allowed Adrian and I to tweak their casts to increase proficiency.

We tackled just about every topic imaginable and dove head first into every question asked.

We took at look at many different styles of flies and how to fish them on the swing

Here is Adrian demonstrating how to rig a tandem tube fly

One more look at pure discovery

Great news: We are doing it again... Join Adrian Psuty, Keith Kaneko and myelf as we will be unveiling the spey world.

Novermber 22, 2009
Cost: $75
5 spots currently open
Contact Ryan Miller:
email: rhmiller@gmail.com