Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It is time... British Columbia

Now is the time to get in on fishing BC because the exchange rate is currently in our favor. Look forward to 5 full days of guided fishing in BC for world-class steelhead surrounded by incredible scenery. 2009 rates for Nicholas Dean Lodge are $3,695 CAD, convert it today and see what it will actually cost.
Join this hosted trip, we can discuss the economy in the lodge over copious bourbon

Fish with me as we hunt for massive steelhead on several world famous rivers.

Space is limited and filling up...
Corner offices rule

Mark October 4 - 10, 2009 on your calendar, you are busy that week
Visit Angling On The Fly for more details.
Contact me directly for the skinny...

If you have been fishing the Trinity lately, this is what a steelhead looks like.
If you like food... battery died before the steak came out...

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Yuba Winter Special...

I would like to offer a Yuba winter special...

Here are the conditions:
  1. Yuba only
  2. Spey or switch rods only
  3. Walk and wade only
  4. $300 for one or two anglers
  5. 8am to dark (flexible)
I will still be offering full guided trips out of my drift boat that can include fishing on the swing.

This offer is for the angler who is really looking to tackle our valley rivers with spey and switch rods, we will dive into the pools of swinging flies and look for a solid tug! I encourage anglers with all skill levels to check it out.

Please contact me for more details. Thank you!

Feather... Friday Dec 5

Guiding the Feather was fun that Friday, mainly because of the company at hand. We fished hard all day and were rewarded, overall we hooked a few stout half-pounders and two nice adults. Many of them fell victim to mayfly nymphs. Over the last few days we have had spectacular fishing weather,... cold, balmy, foggy, calm, quiet, mysterious and so on. It was very cool not being able to see 50 yards in front of you. We had a very good day, I am not sure about my clients for that day, but my sides hurt from laughing. Thanks for a great day!

Steelhead fishing will continue to be ok through Dec and Jan, look for big, bright fish to move in during these times. All the fish hooked were dime-bright!

Feather... Thursday Dec 4

I went out with a friend and hit the Feather with the long rods. We had indicator rods as well, however, we really just wanted to swing. We did nymph several of the classic holding spots to no avail. We were equally as successful swinging various flies. One of the last spots on the low-flow did produce this nice hen, she fell for and egg.