Thursday, October 2, 2008

Yuba, Game on!

The Yuba showed us her good side today. Out of the gates and on our first cast we hooked a screamer on an egg pattern. From there it was like we could do no wrong. We hooked several fish over 18 inches, one powerful 23" hatchery steelhead and several dinks. I was very pleased with the overall size and quantity today yielded. One of the "sweeteest" things about today the the sound of a Hardy Perfect ringing the dinner bell. The fish we hooked today make that reel sing so that people in other counties could hear it.

Flies: egg patterns, bird's nest, FBPT
Style: split shot and nymphs under a Krusteez Indicator
Nothing like a bent rod in the morning
Yuba fish are fat

We saw good numbers of salmon in the upper river, many of them have staged and are cutting redds. We spotted a fair number hanging out in deep pools as well, this could be a good year for spawners on the Y.
rocket-pack anyone?
Nice spots
mean fighter
all of 19
fin clipped, check out that fat tail
Life is good!

Well, today was today, tomorrow is the Feather, I have a good feeling about it!

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