Saturday, October 4, 2008

Feather River Chrome

For the first week of October, I was very happy with how the Feather fished. There were decent numbers of salmon cutting redds in the low flow. There were quite a few people out as well making for a tougher time getting water to fish. We did find some nice fish posted up behind kings. One of our fist casts found a supercharged, white steelhead that ripped 20 yards of backing in seconds. Lots of cartwheels, lots of chaos... We had the fish inches from the boat when 2x gave way, she was 26+ inches and flawless. We found a several half-pounders and missed a few fierce grabs. The weather was spectacular, it was overcast in the AM then rained all afternoon.
Finally, some decent fishing weather

I expect fishing to really kick off after these rains. I have a few dates that recently became available. October 8, 12, 28 and 31. These are all prime dates to fish the Yuba, Feather and Lower Sac. Contact me for more information.

Tomorrow, Yuba

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