Wednesday, June 10, 2009


The first....
We got 'em, Jerry, Ed and I went out in search of chrome kings and were rewarded! This beast came on a 4 inch chartreuse and white fly and kicked ass. She was 39" long and weighed 28.5 pounds. These fish are eating flies less than 18" under the surface! Jerry had only 7 ft of T14, really does not get better than that!

I was able to hook one fish, definitely an adult, somewhere in the low 20# class.

These fish are very fast and very powerful. The grab on my hookup was very slow and subtle, it felt like I was ticking bottom or a log, I knew something was funny. I let it keep ticking, then finally my line just went tight and there it was, off to the races then off in the next breath. Hot Damn!

All in all a good day, 2 jacks on, 2 adults on...

More to come

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Lee said...

28 lbs!? That's a Hog for sure! Damn.