Monday, January 5, 2009

American Steel

Overall the fishing on the American has been ok. I have been fishing the lower river with a few good friends on a regular basis and sporadically fooling a steelhead or two. With the exception of one day we have been sticking strong to swinging flies with spey rods. I would give you details of where fish have been hooked, however, there is very little consistency. There are no gimmie's out there, just cover water and and be methodical.

If you are looking to swing the A for winter chrome keep in mind that these fish are hauling tail through the river right now and you need to be on the move too. Fish various types of water to see if you can find any patterns. We have been fishing more of the slower tail-outs... Flies: make sure it has movement, pay attention to overall size, try big and small... Brighter colors have been catching more fish.

I did managed to stick a few nice fish under an indicator with egg patterns.

I will be guiding out there this week so keep your eyes peeled for fresh reports and hopefully a few pictures.

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