Saturday, November 7, 2009

Yuba River Fishing Reports

I have been on the Yuba almost exclusively the last few weeks and am having a ball. The fishing thus far has been good to very good. There were a couple of those unreal days with over 35 fish hooked and a few with less than 10 hooked. Overall the egg bit has been very strong with the occasional nymph being swiped.

Over the last few days the fish have been picking up almost as many nymphs as eggs. Nymphs that have been getting it done include, small PT's, micro mays and the Red Headed Step Child from Hogan, today, that fly rocked it! I will say that the fishing has slowed down, but with some clouds and rain it should pick up.

Swinging flies has proven to be aweseome over that past few trips. I have a few days where 5-8 big fish were hooked in just a few runs. Most clients swinging are throwing switch rods with either Scandi and Skagit heads.

The following are a few shots from the past few weeks... enjoy!

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