Monday, October 26, 2009

Presentation to Davis Fly Fishers

Tomorrow, October 27, I will be giving a detailed presentation on fishing with "indicators." This class will explore many of the environmental indicators that may yield secrets to catching more fish.

Here is a little peak at what I will be talking about: How to approach new situations with a methodical G.R.I.D. The GRID is looking at Geographical significance, River structure, Insect populations and Desired casts. This approach might help you break down variables.

In addition I have broken down strike indicators to a mad science and will show how to properly rig and use them. You might be thinking that there isn't much to using one of these fancy bobbers, me too. However, somehow I ended up with a 10 page manual on the how to's... crazy. All who join me will get the manual plus other goodies.

Any Granite Bay folks out there have seen this presentation and let me live, so you might like it

Here in the info link:

It would be great to see you there.


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