Saturday, October 10, 2009

Nicholas Dean Lodge

Today was the last call for BC chrome. We are sad that the trip has ended, however we leave knowing we had a great trip. This posse of anglers was diverse in character and ability. We were able to fish several different rivers and I am happy to report that everyone found there fish. I will do my best to bring you a detailed report with a ton more pictures.

Steve with his first swung-caught steelhead on a very cool, secret river. This fish tore it up

I managed to find this guy it a very small slot in a great piece of water on another super - secret river.

Silver taken on a 100+ foot cast... it was awesome

Yours truly with a lucky cast. Rob Elam put his life in danger to get this shot

Rob Elam with a sweet Silver

Rob Elam with a trophy steelhead on the Kalum

Dan with a white steelhead on the Kalum

Yet another Kalum chromer

Rob Elam, Kalum,... DANG

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