Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Photography By Cameron Miller

Cameron Miller has spent seven seasons on the waters of the Kanektok and Arolik. He is undoubtedly one of the best jet boat drivers and an extremely qualified photographer. Because of Cam's knowledge of both rivers, experience on the tiller and skills behind the glass, he made for an outstanding full-time photographer at Alaska West.

Shooting thousands of frames a week Cam was all over the river capturing the incredible experiences that happen daily. I have over 2,000 of his pictures from the season and will be showing a few off from time to time.

Each of the photos selected where part of slide shows that Cam put together for each week. At the end of every week clients received a DVD slide show of their adventures.

Koertge King

Gearing up: Mornings

Tom Larimer: SpeyRoo

Spey Bomb


Simply Put

Dec Hogan (just Google his name) with a shitty setup... RAD

Chrome Killers

Hark! The short bus

Garrett Sullivan operating the Short Bus, a perfect match

More to come, plus I am writing a a little piece on my summer up there... it might be up this week, maybe next year...

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