Friday, August 7, 2009

Dad and Uncle Pat on the Kanektok

Week 8 was spent with family and it was incredible. Plenty of fish, plenty of laughter and a lifetime of memories. This was the first week of hot silver fishing and not having caught many silvers I will say that they rock. Silvers are truly a fly fisherman's dream come true. They like to hold in slow water, sometimes even tucked in the smallest of water way up sloughs. They are very aggressive and smack flies with gusto. A 7 or 8 weight rod, a floating line, 6 feet of 15lb maxima and a weighted fly is all you need here. In addition to all that, the Kanektok River hosts hundreds of thousands of these brutes. The average silver is weighing in around 10 pounds with a few boated in the 12 and 13 pound class. Once hooked these dudes tear it up, leaping for a chance at freedom. Mixed in with the silvers and still hordes of chum, so the occational chum is to be expected, regarless of the chum's styreotype, they will still kick your tail!

Uncle Pat with a chrome silver less than a mile from the mouth of the river.

Sunset on the beach in the bay

The rainbow fishing is on and there are some very nice fish to be had. I like to chase them using mice, sculipins and of course the deadly egg patterns. Oddly enough, I use the EXACT same rig here as I do back home during the egg drops. I suppose the only difference here is the fish will destroy 12 mm beads... dang!

Trout... sweet

Dad with a nice bow... you should have seen the one we lost before this one

Uncle and I with a silver pair

Stellar ChumYours truly with some silver action


Shore lunch

Grayling... THE most spectacular display of colors on a freshwater fish, next up, the Dolly

Even though the week flew by, it was truly incredible to spend time with family and share with them what we do up here. This fishery is a must for anglers of all abilities and desires, without a doubt the Kanektok is a fishing powerhouse.

Week 9 is shaping up to be silver mania... Look for more later

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