Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Life at Alaska West: Good Times

After 43 days on duty I was relieved of any work obligations and fully appreciate a day to get caught up on personal stuff and sleep. Most of the crew here sleeps 3-5 hours a day when not working, fishing or telling lies after a long day.

The crew here is solid, many of them hail from Washington, some from Idaho and Oregon. There are two people here from California, oddly enough both from the Sac area...

Being that I am from Californian I am subjected to copious amounts of harassment and the butt of many jokes. I have learned that jealousy come is many forms... I was even asked if there is any good fishing in CA,... HA!

Daily life is cool, 6 days a week breakfast is at 7am, then we make lunches, pack coolers, load up fuel and get the boat ready. Meet clients at 8am and hit the water, back by 6pm, dinner at 7:30, guide meeting after dinner and clients assignments are given at meeting. From 9-12am we are free to fish, many of us go. Usually in bed by 12am, then do it again.

King season is pretty much over, the bulk of the run has entered the system and are now getting ready to spawn. The chum and sockeye have charged in with force and have provided many clients with ridiculous action.

In a month or so the Silvers will show up by the hundreds of thousands and will be ready to crush anything that is pink and moves.

The trout fishing has really picked up, I have been fishing clients all over the upper Kanektok with some incredible fish taken under the coolest of conditions.

Trout here can be found in a variety of structure ranging from stumps in inches of water to huge flats loaded with salmon preparing to spawn.

The picture below was a 'bow taken while fishing for salmon in the lower river near the bay. He ate a super critter on a floating line!

11-12 pound RAINBOW- 20 yards of backing to boot!

Evening on the Ktok - the morning awaits

View from one of the crew tents

Jason Koertge either before or after doing battle with a King...

Well done

Rob Elam: Pescatoral Prospector
Elam with the 'look'

Another day in the books

Rob Elam, Jason Koertge, and Jeff Hickman talking King Shop

Yours truly on the swoop with a hog-leg king (photo by Cameron Miller)

The aftermath (photo by Cameron Miller)

Red Foot: My Fish Rig

The official CREW TENT

The crew tent is huge, it usually sleeps six guys, fortunately this year only 4, my spot is the back right corner! Great times-

All in all life is good...

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Matadors Blog said...

Great photos Ryan- don't forget the night vision goggles as the coho arrive!