Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Multiple Days, American and Yuba in a nutshell

American: I have been guiding and fishing the American frequently and overall have been please with the results. Fish are eating egg patterns, SJW's, copper johns, and other small mayflies. If you swing, think black, purple or brighter pinks and oranges. We are getting grabs everyday, the water temps are conducive to big grabs from pissy fish (love it).

If you are not hooking fish nymphing under indicators try going deeper, heavier and change your egg. The egg will get eaten, however, sometimes it is there to attract fish. Also, keep moving, you need to go to them, they are avoiding us!
Yuba: The Yuba has been throwing her monthly cycle at us, there have been some brutally tough days out there. Mixed in with the beatings have been a few great days, hooking good numbers of big fish. Swinging flies is still producing big, aggressive fish. Fish are are eating eggs, rubberlegs, copper johns, small mayflies. On top: the march browns are crawling around, I have seen a few here and there, the skwalas are on the same program. Fish are keying in on them now, look for bigger hatches soon!
Yuba McFatty

February is big season in the valley... big bugs and big fish. Look for monster chrome to show up in the American and big bows to start packin' on the pounds.

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