Sunday, December 7, 2008

Feather... Friday Dec 5

Guiding the Feather was fun that Friday, mainly because of the company at hand. We fished hard all day and were rewarded, overall we hooked a few stout half-pounders and two nice adults. Many of them fell victim to mayfly nymphs. Over the last few days we have had spectacular fishing weather,... cold, balmy, foggy, calm, quiet, mysterious and so on. It was very cool not being able to see 50 yards in front of you. We had a very good day, I am not sure about my clients for that day, but my sides hurt from laughing. Thanks for a great day!

Steelhead fishing will continue to be ok through Dec and Jan, look for big, bright fish to move in during these times. All the fish hooked were dime-bright!

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