Monday, December 22, 2008

Yuba With Ken Hanley

I had the pleasure of guiding/fishing with Ken Hanley on the Yuba not too long ago and we had great day. We had a nice start to the day with a few bugs hatching around us with fish working the surface. The goal of the day was to hang out, chat about fly fishing and see if we could fool a few 'bows. Without a doubt the day was a complete success, I had the pleasure of learning about Ken's recent travels and stories of the great fly fisherman that are still casting, tying, speaking, teaching and fishing. In between stories we were able to fool a few nice trout under 'cators and got a few solid tugs on the swing. I always enjoy days spent with Ken, I learn a ton and laugh my butt off with all the great stories.

Ken holding Yuba gold
Last fish of the day... good way to end it

A few months back Ken's new book, Tying Fureld Flies, was released and has been well received. If you have not checked out Ken's work I highly recommend you do. Most fly shops carry the book, check it out soon.

Thanks for a great day Ken, hope to fish with you on your turf soon!

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