Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mexican Bass: Part 2... El Salto

Lake El Salto in Mexico is one of the best places to fish to largemouth in the world. Currently the lake record is 18.8 pounds... that is ridiculous! We were only able to fish for a few hours today, but they were productive, all of us combined landed dozens of hogs. Our day was cut short by an awesome display of lighting, wind, rain and thunder. Most of us were ok with not fishing; it was nice to be in a storm like that. I am not sure what it is, but I always feel invigorated after being in a massive storm. All in all it lasted an hour and took us into dinner.

I do not have a ton of fish pictures for you... bass fishing for me is fast paced, after I hook one and land it I want another one, unfortunately, this leaves no time for pictures.

Here are a few photos to keep you going... way more to come soon.

The infamous Gummy Minnow, hated by some anglers, loved by fish everywhere

Tropical storms are awesome!

Here is a my first attempt at video editing...

Although I will not win any awards with this clip it was fun working on it. The shots were filmed by Kevin Doran and are of Keith "casting on water..." sometime fishing is fun :) The other shot is of Keith coming out of the downpour. That area of Mexico is just coming out of its rainy season, by primetime the weather is perfect!

More Bass on the way, stay tuned...

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